How long is Weber grill warranty?

How do I know if my Weber grill is under warranty?


  • You may download a copy.
  • Call Weber Customer Service at 1-800-446-1071, 7 days a week, 7am-8pm CT.

How do I claim my Weber warranty?

We make our grills to last, but over time you might need to have something replaced for one reason or another, and will need to file a warranty claim. If you find yourself in that position, please reach out to us at 1-800-446-1071 or click here and we can help you file a warranty claim.

Does Weber require receipt for warranty?

Most Weber accessories carry a two year warranty. … Keeping the receipt or proof of purchase for your Weber grill and accessories is a good idea in case you ever need to take advantage of the warranty. Warranties are not transferable. They apply to the original purchaser of the grill only.

How good is Weber grill warranty?

We’re so confident in the quality of all of our 2018 full-size Weber gas models that they now feature a top-to-bottom, 10-year warranty on all parts. * Valid for all Weber® Spirit® II gas grills.

Weber’s Generous Warranty Program Just Got Better!

Spirit Series Warranties
Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates 5 years, no rust through or burn through
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Does Weber grill warranty cover rust?

Weber’s rust warranty guarantees against corrosion – this means the warranty does not cover surface rust. … To be eligible under Weber’s warranty program you must have proof of the date of purchase in the form of a receipt. The product must also have been used as prescribed in the instructions which came with the grill.

Do Weber grills wear out?

Unfortunately, all grills are susceptible to wear and tear. Even the most high-quality grills break down, their once roaring heat dwindling down to a single flame.

Is a Weber grill worth the extra money?

For most people the answer is a resounding Yes — Weber grills are still worth the money. These grills give you fantastic results, convenient features, and incredible durability.

Why are Weber BBQ so expensive?

Weber grills are made using premium-grade stainless steel or porcelain-coated enamel. They also use cast iron for a lot of their models. All of these materials cost more to build but creates a durable, resistant, and rust proof surface.

Is the Weber Spirit worth the money?

If what you want is a three burner grill with some bells and whistles then you will love the Weber Spirit E 330 that comes with a Sear Station and side burners. This grill is absolutely worth the money. The equivalent grill in the Genesis series, Genesis II SE 330, is 20% larger and 50% more expensive.