Your question: How do you make Febreze without baking soda?

How do you make fabric freshener without baking soda?


  1. Remove the spray top from your bottle.
  2. To the bottle add between 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil. …
  3. Now add 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to the bottle.
  4. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water, leaving just enough room at the top for shaking.

Is white vinegar a good deodorizer?

Vinegar – White vinegar is an effective natural deodorizer and mild disinfectant. Combine a teaspoon of vinegar with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle then lightly mist the air (you can also stir in a few drops of essential oils).

How do you make Febreze with baking soda?

Get a large spray bottle and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and ¼ cup of fabric softener. Fill up the rest of the bottle with hot, clean, filtered water or hot distilled water. Shake the bottle until all of the ingredients are well blended. (Shake gently before each use).

Can I add rubbing alcohol to Febreze?

I used the “Fresh” scent. Add 1/4 cup white vinegar. Next, pour in 2 caps full of rubbing alcohol. This is to help the Febreze dry faster when it is sprayed on carpeting, furniture, etc.

How can I make my whole house smell good all the time?

Tips to make your living room smell good

  1. Sometimes vacuuming sends out a stinky odor. …
  2. Mind the carpet. …
  3. Eliminate odors with a Febreze Plug. …
  4. Use a diffuser with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils. …
  5. Open a window and let the fresh air in. …
  6. Find your zen by burning incense. …
  7. Light a candle.
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Why is Febreze bad for you?

Febreze contains chemicals linked to cancer. Febreze contains chemicals linked to hormone disruption and developmental problems. Febreze contains chemicals linked to neurotoxicity, which means the chemicals are poisonous to the nerves or nerve cells. Febreze contains chemicals that irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs.

Does vinegar really absorb odors?

Rather than trying to mask these smells with air fresheners, soak them up with vinegar! Place a bowl of white vinegar in each room of your house and let it sit overnight. The vinegar will absorb pretty much any odor – everything from cigarette smoke to pet odors.