Frequent question: What does shake and bake mean?

What does the expression shake and bake mean?

Filters. Something fast, or easy to use or perform; a simple, crude object or action. noun.

What does shake and bake mean Talladega Nights?

Shake & Bake is the nickname of Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby. Cal is the Shake, while Ricky is the Bake. Saying “Shake & Bake” fires Cal up, because “it rhymes, they’re both verbs…it’s awesome!”. … Girard believes that the nickname is “nonsense”.

What does shake and bake mean in sports?

In basketball, the Shake ‘N Bake is a move where a player gives a body fake, usually from side to side, to get past the opponent. It’s called the Shake ‘N Bake because the player shakes his body, then bakes (or burns) his opponent by taking the ball to the hoop. … “Iverson has the ball.

What does shake and bake mean in military?

As used by Marines and soldiers, “Shake ‘n’ Bake” refers to astandard technique used to deliver alternating rounds of highexplosives and incendiary white phosphorus onto an enemy positionwith mortars or artillery.

What does shake the bottle mean?

When they shake the bottle, it is combining the ingredients. Once that process finishes, the bottle will end up with a small amount of meth inside. Even though this method produces a much smaller amount of the drug than other methods, there are other factors that make it a commonly used production method.

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Can you slingshot in Nascar?

Slingshot: A maneuver in which a car following the leader in a draft suddenly steers around it, breaking the vacuum; this can provide an extra burst of speed that allows the second car to take the lead. … A tight race car doesn’t seem able to steer sharply enough through the turns.

Where does the phrase Shake and bake come from?

2 Answers. Almost since its inception the term has been borrowed to described tricky moves in sports, especially basketball. An example of this may be heard in the 1994 film The Air Up There.

What does bake mean in America?

To Smoke or Prepare Cannabis” is the most common definition for BAKE on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. BAKE. Definition: To Smoke or Prepare Cannabis.

What is a shake and bake sergeant?

Throughout military history, as least as far back as the Revolutionary War, sergeants were the backbone of the Army. This shortage of sergeants meant disaster in Vietnam. … Graduates were known by most as “Shake ‘n Bake Sergeants” or “Instant NCOs” since they got their rank fast from going to school.

What did sergeants do in Vietnam?

Sergeants are Fire Team Leaders in charge of a Fire Team of 3-5 men. Staff Sergeants are Squad Leaders in charge of a Squad made up of 2-3 Fire Teams. Sergeants First Class are usually Platoon Sergeants (the Senior NCO in a Platoon and adviser to the Platoon Leader) or junior Company staff NCOs.