Frequent question: What can you use to grease a baking sheet?

What should I grease my cookie sheet with?

Use unsalted butter, vegetable shortening or cooking spray to grease the bottom of the cookie sheet. Never use cooking oil, as it will burn in the areas between the cookies and will be very difficult to remove.

Should you grease a baking sheet?

However, when it comes to the average batch of chocolate chip or sugar cookies, you might have been ill-informed. According to Eat This, Not That! and pastry chef Eileen Gray, greasing a cookie sheet is actually a bad idea. It could lead to your cookies spreading too much, thinning out, and possibly even burning.

Can you substitute parchment paper for greasing a cookie sheet?

You do not need to put any grease or oil on the parchment paper. Cookies will slide off the paper if you pick them up with a spatula and a cake will come out of the pan easily. Parchment paper can be used for several batches of the same recipe being baked on the same cookie/baking sheet in a few batches.

Can you grease a cookie sheet with olive oil?

There’s a multitude of choices when it comes to greasing a baking pan. You can use anything from a canola oil or olive oil spray to coconut oil or butter. Olive oil can be used in a pinch, but is a little harder to get to stick to the sides of the pan if you go too heavy handed.

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Which is better to use in greasing pan butter or oil?

When it comes to greasing pans, vegetable oil and shortening are actually better choices. They may not impart any extra butter flavor to the “crusts” of your cake, but they are both more effective at preventing cakes from sticking than butter.

Why is my non-stick baking tray sticking?

Why do nonstick pans start sticking in the first place? For the most part, coated pots and pans are easy to keep clean, but they do get stains and scratches, and over time, grease and other tiny food particles may build up in these areas, making them sticky.